Red Cross sends Tucson-based volunteers to help with hurricane relief in Georgia

Red Cross sends Tucson-based volunteers to help with hurricane relief in Georgia
Red Cross volunteer leaves for Georgia from Tucson International Airport to help with hurricane relief. (Source: KOLD News 13) (Emily Biehl)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As the aftermath of Hurricane Michael is becoming visible in parts of Florida, local Red Cross volunteers from Tucson are headed to help other areas hit by the category 4 storm.

Les Atwood is one of those volunteers. He’s headed to Georgia with the Red Cross to help those affected by the hurricane there.

Atwood became a volunteer a little over a month ago. Prior to being a volunteer for the Red Cross he worked as an accountant. He says he still maintains a few clients on the side so he plans to stay busy during his down time in Georgia by getting his work done for them.

He has a history with volunteering. Atwood used to be volunteer firefighter and he worked at food bank so he says volunteering for the Red Cross is a continuation of his desire to serve.

"It just looked like the right thing to do when heard about Florence and saw that the Red Cross was asking for volunteers," he explains of what led him to becoming a volunteer.

Hurricane Florence struck the Carolinas in September and caused dozens of deaths.

Atwood’s time in Georgia will be his longest time working disaster relief so far as a volunteer, he’ll be there for two weeks. Earlier this month he volunteered at a disaster in western Arizona but was only there for a few days.

He says he’s not nervous, but instead that he’s excited. One thing he’s not sure about is what to expect.

“I don’t know what the conditions are going to be when I get there. One of the big things is, I think, just to be flexible. Know that you know you’re not sure what you’re going to run into but you just have to be flexible and run with whatever’s there,” he said.

Atwood is one of two volunteers leaving from Tucson on Friday, Oct. 12, and heading to Georgia to help with hurricane relief efforts.

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