Judge grants changes in Sophia Richter’s release conditions

KOLD Daughters want mom released from jail

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A judge in Pima County granted a change in release conditions for Sophia Richter, the woman who with her husband had been accused of keeping her three daughters imprisoned in their home for several months.

The Arizona Supreme Court reversed her convictions in August and ordered a new trial. Her husband, Fernando Richter, was sentenced in 2016 to 58 years in prison with 835 days credit for time served.

In a court hearing on Monday, Oct. 15, Sophia Richter’s bond was reduced to $5,000. If it is paid, she is to move in with her mother. She will be allowed contact with her two oldest daughters and could possibly be allowed to see the youngest if a court-appointed guardian agrees it is in the girl’s best interest.

All three daughters asked the judge to release Richter. They said she was a victim, too, and the first trial, in which she and her husband were tried together, wasn’t fair. They say they want their mother back and they want to be a family.

Sophia Richter still faces charges in Pinal County. Her attorney said Monday that her lawyer in Pinal County believes the Pinal system will follow whatever Pima County does in regards to release conditions. If Pinal does follow and the bond is paid, the girls could see their mother again.

Regarding the new trial in Pima County, both sides will meet next month. Richter’s attorney mentioned they may have a resolution without having to involve a trial, though they did not divulge the details of any potential resolution.

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