KOLD Investigates: Doctor pleads guilty after opioid indictment

KOLD Local doctor pleads guilty in opioid crime

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A doctor in Pima County, with a history of infractions involving opioid prescriptions, has pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

The Arizona Attorney General's Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration announced in April 2018 that Dr. David Ruben had been indicted on 26 felony charges.

Six months later he pleaded guilty to three lesser charges, according to records filed in Pima County Superior Court.

Ruben pleaded guilty to three counts of facilitation to commit administration of a narcotic drug. It's a class 6 undesignated felony, which would be recorded as a misdemeanor if Ruben successfully completes any assigned probation.

He will learn his sentence next month.

Before state and federal investigators leveled charges, the Arizona Medical Board suspended Ruben's license in April of 2017. His plea agreement would have Ruben surrender his DEA license, losing him the ability to legally prescribe controlled substances.

State and federal agents raided Ruben's office in September of 2014. A spokesperson for the DEA said it was part of a continuing investigation into possible misconduct. Back then, the DEA stated Ruben had previously lost his registration to prescribe controlled substances but got it back in July 2014.

Ruben told Tucson News Now for a story in August 2017 that he was not a "pill pusher" and "just trying to care for patients".

A message was left with Ruben’s attorney for comment. Return to this story for updates as we learn them.

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