Teacher on leave after allegedly duct taping CO student to chair

Teacher on leave after allegedly duct taping CO student to chair

EVANS, CO (KMGH/CNN) - Police in Colorado have opened a criminal investigation after a video showing a seventh grade boy’s legs and torso taped to a chair spread on social media.

The principal at Prairie Heights Middle School sent an email to parents, saying the female teacher under investigation has been placed on administrative leave.

Police Chief Rick Brandt said his department received the 13-second video Thursday. The video, shot Tuesday by a middle school student, shows a seventh grader sitting in a chair while a teacher tapes him to it.

Police say the tape was wrapped several times around the boy’s torso and thighs. The teacher is also seen putting tape on the child’s mouth, which police say the child immediately removed.

The incident appears to have taken place during class.

Brandt said the video, which police have not released, wasn’t enough by itself to cause alarm because of a lack of context.

However, after the department conducted interviews with the child involved and others, Brandt said “it was clear we needed to conduct a criminal investigation into this matter.”

Parents say they are concerned by the incident.

“Stuff like that should not be happening. This is a good school, but stuff like this really shouldn’t be happening,” one parent said.

Police have not released the teacher’s name, and so far, no criminal charges have been filed. They received the video after a school administrator reported it to a school resource officer.

The school district says it will not comment until the investigation is finished.

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