ABOR gets update on University of Arizona Men’s Basketball

Closed-door meeting

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Thursday afternoon in Phoenix, the Arizona Board of Regents held a special meeting, an executive session to get an update on the Arizona Men’s Basketball program and the College Basketball Corruption case.

The special session started at 11 a.m. and took place behind closed doors, as an informational meeting for the regents.

In attendance, University of Arizona President Robert Robbins and Athletics Director Dave Heeke. They presented the board with updates and information on the latest with the program.

“Is it concerning for us for what’s going on in the national stage, you bet,” said Ron Shoopman, chair of the Arizona Board of Regents. “We are as concerned as you are, but you have our pledge that we will take action when action is warranted and we are aggressively pursuing the facts.”

Shoopman also told Tucson News Now that determining the truth in these case is really important, because people's careers are at risk.

Shoopman lays down the blue print

“One of the reasons why we met today with Dr. Robbins is for him to give us an update on the good work his team is doing, to aggressively pursue the facts of this case,” said Shoopman. “When we have the information that is available to take action, this board is not going to be shy about doing so and we have been assured by President Robbins that he feels the same way.”

These meeting will continue to happen, possibly every couple of weeks or months, it depends on the flow of information.

We tried to talk with Athletic Director Dave Heeke following the meeting, but he had no comment at this time.

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