Prop 407 renovates parks, adds cyclist connections around town

The impacts of Prop. 407

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson’s parks are on the right track to getting some much-needed help thanks to the passing of Prop 407.

The city will spend around $225 million renovating different areas of town.

But it’s not just playgrounds that will see the cash, cyclists and pedestrians will benefit too.

Tucson is known as a cycle-friendly city, but ask most bicyclists in the Old Pueblo -- they’ll tell you there’s room for improvement.

As a UA student, Nevan Madrid rides his bike every day.

“You don’t have to find parking. That’s a big reason,” said Madrid.

He said he does wish there were more separate bike paths in Tucson.

“Instead of just painting a line on the street, I feel like the bike bath should be repaved so it’s not as bumpy,” he said.

Prop 407 would change that.

Off of 6th Avenue in downtown Tucson, bicyclists currently share the road with cars. One of the projects would add a protected bike lane for riders between Speedway and 7th Street.

It's a three phase plan beginning in 2020.

About $24 million would go towards improving different connections around town. One of them being a 6-mile shared use path between Main Avenue and the Kino Sports Complex. Another adds more bike-friendly paths on the city's east side.

Madrid approves of the city shifting gears to more safety.

"I feel like the cars aren't going to wander into the lane. They're not going to park there either. You won't have cars accidentally parking in the bike lane," he said.

All of these new features thanks to a bond reconfiguration and leaves no tab for taxpayers to pick up.

You can view an entire interactive map of the park and connections projects HERE.

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