Made in Tucson showcases local artwork over holiday weekend

Shining a spotlight on local artists

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -Every artist in the Old Pueblo has a story.

"When I first started making the car part lamps I went to a transmission shop and just laid all these parts out in my driveway - I was like what am I going to do with these?," asked Levi Koenan. He combined fun and functional to create unique, robot-looking lamps. His passion is making something out of nothing.

"Being a Tucson artist, I think it's important to show off what we can do," he said.

He was among the dozens of local artists showing off to customers at Made in Tucson on Sunday.

"To support them is the purpose of the holiday I think," said Suzy Rhoades, who shopped the market. She supported several artists, including Norma Trujillo - who tells an incredible narrative through her artwork.

Made in Tucson showcases local artwork over holiday weekend
Made in Tucson showcases local artwork over holiday weekend

"It's how I knew how to control my mind and how not to let myself go into depression, I discovered a new outlet was to express myself in the way I knew how," she said. Trujillo was hurt in a car accident in April of 2017. She lost her legs in the crash.

Now, she's known as the crafty warrior.

"I got a second chance and I want to repay that price by creating something beautiful," Trujillo said. She turns blank canvases into colorful art for her therapy.

One of her paintings includes a powerful image of a woman in a wheelchair - used as a puppet by a different version of the same woman.

"This is my old image of myself that was trying to hang onto this new image of disabled. No matter how much I try to push myself forward to recognize myself. This is me now," Trujillo explained.

That image provides a message of hope that she wants others to see.

"It's beautiful, it's color. Just because you're not a part of the same reflection of society they want you to look like or be like. There's another way to be creative."

Artists like Trujillo are proof that there's no lack of quirk or creativity in our city.

Most of the artists will be back in a couple of weeks for the 4th Avenue Street Fair.

Otherwise their art can be found online.

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