Jefferson Park neighborhood working to develop an anti-crime committee after burglaries

Burglaries on the rise in Jefferson Park

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Over the last month, there have been multiple burglaries and break-ins in the Jefferson Park neighborhood.

The neighborhood runs north to south from Grant to Chauncey Lane and east to west from Euclid to Campbell.

(Source: Tucson News Now)
(Source: Tucson News Now)

In some of these cases, the burglars have gotten bold. Neighbors have told Tucson News Now they believe these criminals have pried bars off of windows to break them and hopped over locked gates.

“How stealthy were these people? They would have had to come over a 5ish to 6 foot wall,” explained Nina Kline, who lives in the neighborhood. One of her neighbors had their electric bike stolen earlier this week. Kline and her neighbors believe the burglar would have had to hop their locked gate to reach their home.

"The bike wasn't visible. It was under a cover that was black, so if it's dark at night. I'm just ... it really felt like someone had to know it was here," she said.

Each of these cases has been filed with the Tucson Police Department, but neighbors want to do more.

The Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association is putting together an anti-crime committee to brainstorm ways to make crime less common in their area.

Some of their goals are to work closer with TPD or possibly establishing a neighborhood watch.

Neighbors like Kline are already taking all the precautions they can, keeping their porches well-lit and considering investing in cameras.

"The only other thing would be putting alarms somehow on the perimeter of the property," Kline said.

If anything, let this serve as a reminder for homeowners to lock up valuables and their home to stay safe. Report any unusual activity to law enforcement.

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