Could soil from the Santa Cruz River move to old A Mountain landfill?

Dirty work in the Santa Cruz River

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Amy Petz knows the definition of turning trash to treasure.

"I'm a thrift store, yard sale fiend," said the local artist Petz has called her house a home with her family for the last two years. "It's like the best of both worlds. You get to be a little bit in the country and super close to downtown."

Her front and backyards easily stand out along the base of A Mountain next to the Santa Cruz Riverbed.

She's among those living nearby serving as the target audience of a new proposal from the Pima County Flood Control District.

"They're saying they're going to take the dirt out of it to help reduce the flood risk and I can't imagine that would be a bad thing," she said.

If the proposal were to be accepted, soil would be moved from the Santa Cruz riverbed to an old landfill at the base of A Mountain.

Petz' unique home is just down the street from the landfill, also historically known as a sacred site for many - known as Tucson's birthplace.

Her husband went to a recent meeting on the idea, and brought home what he learned.

If the soil from the riverbed were to be brought to the landfill, the flood control district would make the space a spot for rainwater harvesting and plant the seeds for it to return to its natural state.

The idea now sits in front of the Rio Nuevo board, who owns the landfill.

"I've looked for a negative and I can't find it," Petz said. "If the landfill is just sitting there, we might as well have a community place we can gather."

While Rio Nuevo considers, Petz hopes for the best while she creates more of a community in a neighborhood she loves living in.

The Rio Nuevo board discussed the idea at their meeting Tuesday night, where they decided to establish a committee and keep looking into the prospect.

There’s no timeline on when they’ll make a decision.

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