Salvation Army hosts 29th annual Christmas meal

Salvation Army hosts 29th annual Christmas meal
Source: (Tucson News Now)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Hundreds of people gathered at the Tucson Convention Center Tuesday morning for the 29th annual Salvation Army Christmas meal.

More than 200 hundred volunteers worked for hours to prepare a meal for those who find themselves homeless or would otherwise spend the holiday alone.

Cassie Turner attended with her four children. After losing her apartment and now living in a hotel, she says this meal comes at the perfect time.

“If it wasn’t for this right here we wouldn’t have anything,” she said.

She was most thankful for the wholesome meal, filling the bellies of her little ones.

”We would’ve had a couple of bologna sandwiches if I could of begged a couple of dollars off of someone,” she said.

She’s grateful for those who worked to put the meal together.

"All these people have families and they have places they could be… but they’re taking time out to help total strangers and it’s awesome,” she said.

Randy Frazee and his family have been volunteering for nearly 25 years.

"It has become our Christmas morning for the past 20 plus years,” he said.

He said helping coordinate the meal is his way of paying it forward.

"As a city we need to stand behind everybody and this is just one opportunity to do it this time of year,” he said.

Meanwhile, Turner can’t say thanks enough.

"Thank you. Thank you, guys -- for everything that you do,” she said.

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