Road to Mount Lemmon opens, packed with traffic

Mount Lemmon reopens visitors enjoy snow

MT. LEMMON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The traffic said it all on Thursday. It was good news for snow lovers on Mount Lemmon, eager to play in the powder after days of being closed.

“I was looking forward to coming yesterday but when I saw the road was closed I was really disappointed. First thing I did today was check the roads and see if they were open," said Daniel Garcia.

Car after car lined the mountain, crowding Summerhaven and Ski Valley.

Once announced that the road was open — the traffic at Mount Lemmon went on for miles on Thursday. Each person there hoped to escape the real world and take part in the winter fun. Many people said finding parking was harder than looking for snow in the desert.

“We got really lucky with parking when we got up here. We found a spot but it’s packed. All the cars, it’s crazy," said Maren Minerich, who was sledding on Thursday.

Minerich was just one of hundreds sledding through the snow in Summerhaven. She said there’s far more powder than the last time she was on Mount Lemmon and loved every minute of it.

Others didn’t miss the opportunity to grab their skis or snowboard, which made it extra busy at Ski Valley. Many regular skiers and snowboarders said it was the most snow they’ve seen at Ski Valley in years.

“It just really came down this year. Last year it wasn’t even that good, but this time it really showed out," said Pouria Mostafizi, a snowboarder.

That alone made for some very happy snow lovers.

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