Jan. 8 memorial to be complete by next anniversary

Jan. 8 memorial to be complete by next anniversary
(Source: Tucson’s Jan. 8th Memorial Foundation)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tuesday marks the eighth anniversary of the Jan. 8 shooting, and organizers for a memorial are working to finish it before the next anniversary.

It will go up in front of the old court Pima County court house in the heart of downtown.

The board said the memorial’s foundation completed fundraising efforts about a year ago. Members have spent the past year working closely with architects.

“The architects have been working to ensure that the symbols are correct. That the history is coming through correctly, interviewing all of the survivors and the victims' families and just creating the art and the masterpiece of what is going to be here,” board member Crystal Kasnoff said.

The board is working to select a contractor and hope to have one in place in early spring. Then they’ll be able to officially begin construction with the grand opening slated for one week before the next anniversary.

Kasnoff said the memorial will be a place where the entire community can gather to cope and remember the lives lost. It will include artifacts from the tragedy along with educational tools to inform the younger generations.

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