Arizona’s legislators react differently to government shutdown

Arizona’s legislators react differently to government shutdown

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As the government shutdown stretches into its third week and many employees have missed their first paycheck as a result, Arizona’s legislators are reacting in varied ways.

Newly appointed Arizona Senator Martha McSally stated she will not accept her pay until the partial government shutdown ends. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema will still get paid, but she has made a contribution to charity. Her office did not disclose the details of the contribution. Meanwhile, Rep. Raul Grijalva said that while he empathizes with those who are suffering, he won’t be donating his paycheck.

“Fortunately for my constituents—maybe not as much for me—I know what it is like to live month-to-month and paycheck-to-paycheck. Donating my paycheck isn’t going to do a thing to get them theirs, and it isn’t going to reopen the government to get over 7,000 federal workers in Arizona their hard-earned money. The focus should be on getting funding bills signed into law – period. Trump is nothing more than an extortionist, and he needs to stop holding American workers hostage. We can discuss his useless wall elsewhere – funding our government operations has nothing to do with it.”
Statement from Rep. Raul Grijalva

According to a news release from her Washington D.C. office, Sen. McSally sent a letter to the financial clerk of the U.S. Senate asking her pay be withheld until the shutdown has concluded.

“Today, I requested that my pay be withheld until the partial government shutdown is over, and I cosponsored legislation to block Members of Congress from receiving a paycheck when a budget and funding bills aren’t completed by the start of the fiscal year,” Sen. McSally said. “I also just introduced legislation to pay federal law enforcement officers as they continue to serve during the partial shutdown. I don’t believe Members of Congress should get paid while those who keep us safe, like our border patrol agents and CBP officers at our ports of entry, continue to work tirelessly without pay not knowing how they’ll afford their rent and support their families. Let’s break the gridlock and find a path forward to secure our border and fund the government.”
Statement from McSally's office

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According to her office, Sen. McSally introduced the Pay Our Protectors Act. The bill would immediately initiate pay for essential federal law enforcement officers at the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice during the shutdown.

She also cosponsored the No Budget, No Pay Act which establishes a framework by which Congress would not be paid when budget and appropriations bills are not completed by the start of the federal fiscal year. Retroactive pay is also prohibited.

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