Police release records of incident where officer was shot in the belt

Police officer hit in belt by bullet

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - In May 2018, 2 Tucson Police Officers were shot at as they responded to a call at a home near Harrison and 22nd Street. One of the officers responding to the home was Nathaniel Stout, he was shot at with one of the shots hitting his duty belt.

The Tucson Police Department has now released the case reports from the investigation and Tucson News Now has had a chance to go over them.

The person suspected of shooting at the officers is Roy King. According to the newly released report, the incident began after King got into a fight with his wife and threatened his stepson.

The report states his stepson called 911 and told police that King was drunk.

Police arrived at the home on the east side and spotted King’s truck. They went up to it to see if anybody was inside, it was at this point that King’s story is different from what police recall.

The report states that King thought two people were trying to break into his truck and asked ‘what are you doing at my truck?’

King told investigators that the two people started firing at him first and he fired back, because they were shooting at him. He also told police, that he didn’t know they were police officers because it was so dark.

The officers at the scene were also interviewed by investigators. They reported the two were looking at King’s truck, when Officer Clark spotted a man and saw he was pointing a gun at Officer Stout.

The report states that Officer Clark called out they were the police. He told investigators, King fired the shots first. Both officers were wearing police uniforms.

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