Tucson dance couple wins big at world championships

Local dancers win world championships

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Some people are married to their jobs. Others are happily married to a spouse.

Luke and Stacey Aldrich are both.

“Those moments where she comes out of a turn and looks me straight in the eyes -- it just still melts my heart,” said Luke Aldrich.

Together they’re a testament to teamwork. The chemistry any ballroom dance duo needs is the real deal for the Aldriches.

“You’re working with someone else’s emotions, their strengths and weaknesses...balancing four legs instead of two,” he said.

The pair took home two new titles last week in Nashville.

They competed at the United Country Western Dance Council world championships. It's a feat never before seen in the Old Pueblo.

"Shocked, stunned, elated," Luke Aldrich explained the thought process when they found out they were winners.

Their secret to success doesn't entirely lie in their movements.

Inside the Music in Motion dance studio on River and La Cholla, Luke and Stacey dance straight from the heart. As they show off their skills, they told the unforgettable story of how they met.

"He caught me singing in a hallway when I thought I was by myself," explained Stacey. Luke chimed in, "She rocked it but she was still in costume as I was downstairs listening to this siren descend the stairwell."

Luke and Stacey have nothing but passion for each other, but even more so - they have a real love for inspiring their students.

"Dance helped me get confidence. It helped me believe in myself again," said Stacey Aldrich. "When I teach I hope I give some of that back."

Their goal is to help their students' find themselves through movement. Luke and Stacey combined their talents a few years ago. They've works with seniors who want to move more, people who need physical therapy after car accidents, and even cancer survivors like Tamra Myers.

"I am happiest when I have time to myself to be on the dance floor," Myers said. "I'm really excited to be in their dance orbit."

Their orbit is one with contagious energy.

Luke and Stacey are partners in all meanings of the word and recognize their relationship is unique.

"You just get to have conversations that you don't normally get to have," explained Stacey.

This couples' love for each other and fancy footwork makes them winners each and every day.

Luke and Stacey got engaged at the 2018 United Country Western Dance Council world championships. They were married in October and were thrilled when they came full circle to win this year’s competition.

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