Cochise County to survey 670 miles of maintained roads

Cochise County to survey 670 miles of maintained roads
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COCHISE COUNTY, AZ (KOLD News 13) - Cochise County is to survey the 670 miles of paved roads it currently maintains to help staff gather accurate information and develop a five-year work plan.

The survey will use state-of-the-art technology to inventory all signs, current infrastructure, and pavement conditions. The County has hired Tempe-based IMS Infrastructure Management Services LLC to carry out the work.

The company utilizes a van, otherwise known as a Laser Road Surface Tester (RST), with up to five mounted cameras, GPS receivers, and a modified bumper. Operated by three field technicians, the RST will travel County roads between January 28 and February 11 to measure pavement roughness, rutting, cracking, and other surface distresses, as well as cataloging right of way assets, such as traffic signs. The cost of the project is $189,000.

“Utilizing this system eliminates multiple County staff members from driving the roads and, at times, offering differing opinions on pavement conditions,” explained Public Works Director Marty Haverty. “It also means they don’t have to then manually enter all that data and develop a plan based on the opinions of several staff. Using this system ensures accuracy, both in the assessment of the pavement and input of data directly into a GPS system.”

The survey results will allow the County to form a five-year maintenance and repair plan based upon more accurate information.

“This will help us to prioritize projects and to budget accordingly in the long-term,” Haverty added.

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