UPDATE: Goodwill found owner of dog tags dropped off at southern AZ donation center

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SAHUARITA, AZ (KOLD News 13) - It’s a donation Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona doesn’t think was supposed to be dropped off. Now, after weeks of searching for a connection to a set of dog tags, the owner of the tags has been found.

“So we don’t know the specific parcel or what it came in, but we know it came into the Sahuarita store, they identified it as something that could be sensitive," said Matthew Flores, Senior Digital Marketing Coordinator for the Goodwill of Southern Arizona.

Flores said it’s believed the dog tags, that once belonged to a ‘J.D. Stockton,’ were dropped off in the last month and half.

“We don’t know what the story behind it may be,” said Flores.

What is known, the tags appear to belong to a member of the United States Marine Corps, so KOLD News 13 stopped by the Marine Corps League, Tucson Detachment on East 29th Street for some insight. Veteran Rene Teran, who served from 1978 to 1986, took a look at a photo of the dog tags.

“Got your service number or your social security, this is what it is. And you have USMC and that M or L, is the size of your gas mask,” said Teran.

Good day Everyone! We need your help! We had this set of dog tags donated to one of our donation locations in the...

Posted by Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Teran said the tags would have belonged to someone who served after the Vietnam War, because that is when the service started putting social security numbers on dog tags. He also said the Marine is either still alive, or passed away after his or her service, since there are two identical tags.

“For the family, that is significant that they have this piece of item from their son or daughter, so they know their family member passed away. Even if they didn’t pass away, you still keep it," said Teran. “My daughter has mine.”

While the donation may have been a mistake, Flores has hopes the community can help get the dog tags back to the Marine, or to a parent, sibling or loved one.

“If this is something that they hold dear, it’s a small effort for us to make somebody’s day. Spread a little good," said Flores.

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