Honor Guard Academy in Tucson

Training for the worst, agencies prepare for death in the line of duty

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) - To honor a fallen law enforcement officer that has died in the line of duty is a sign of respect for an honor guard. Many who participate in the ceremony volunteer their time or are chosen.

Their professionalism and precise moves are not learned over night. It takes practice and training.

For the last two days officers, deputies and troopers have been training here in Tucson. Some members are new, others experienced in the honor guard proceedings for line of duty deaths.

One group training is made up of 15 different law enforcement personnel from around the state. They came together to turn 15 individuals into one cohesive group.

The group was put to the test at East Lawn Cemetery, as they went through a mock funeral for a line of duty death.

When it was all done, this group was happy with the way things went.

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