Canoa Ranch has unique way to raise restoration funds

Country market helping preservation

GREEN VALLEY, AZ (KOLD News 13) - Pima County has been looking for funding to restore the Homestead House at Canoa Ranch in Green Valley and they have found a unique way to do it.

After a trial run, the county will extend its Country Markets at the ranch.

Country Market is an arts fair of sorts with vendors, food trucks and artisans selling their wares.

The vendor’s 12X12 space goes for $20.

All the proceeds will go a restoration fund for the Tradesman House. It’s hoped the house will turn into a gift shop and visitors center.

It’s a small fee for a good cause according to some vendors.

Ron Bellingham sells unique items made from paper clips.

Butterflies, earrings, key rings and bookmarks are made from a soft resin, paper clip and colorful paint for $5 to $10 each.

It’s a good deal for him but it goes beyond that.

“It’s got a lot of history, the buildings are unique and they’re trying to do the restoration,” he said. “Which is a good thing.”

Matt Smogor was named the new director at the ranch two months ago and has enthusiastically embraced his new role.

He believes it’s the perfect opportunity to meld both history and preservation in one place but admits there is a long ways to go. On the Tradesman House alone “it could take a couple hundred thousand dollars potentially.”

Preserving the adobe and other historical significance of the building can be expensive.

“A lot of these methods are outdated in terms of what we do in modern technology, so we have to at facilities which can incorporate the methods as well as the materials,” he said. “Sometimes that can be pricey.”

The Manning House on the property could easily top a million dollars to restore he thought.

The master bedroom has a floor to ceiling mirror which needs to be restored. Some of the large bay windows which overlook the mountains need to be replaced. A large walk-in cooler needs to be refurbished.

“You don’t often find something like this inside a home,” he said.

The house is 11 years old and is 12,000- square feet with paintings from a Mexican artist covering some of its walls.

It’s a part of history which can never be replaced so restoration becomes a necessity.

“This is a historic site here,” Smogor said. “We are registered with the state as a historic site.”

The Country Market is held each Thursday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

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