Love birds flock to Southern AZ to catch glimpse of sandhill cranes

Love is in the air - love birds spend time bird watching

MCNEAL, AZ (KOLD News 13) - From as far north as Siberia, they make their way to southern Arizona, but the draw of the Whitewater Draw lures in dozens of others.

"Standing here looking at the birds and feeling the sun - I just think this is the best part of all," said Phoenix native Kathleen McCoy. She was among the many people choosing to take a break from technology for the day.

"I watch them through my computer of course and my dogs go crazy because they're listening to the sound of the birds," she said.

As she listened to their coos and calls in person, she caught a glimpse of the thousands of sandhill cranes.

"It was worth getting up at 4 this morning and driving down," said McCoy.

“It’s amazing. There’s just thousands of them,” said Jane Hayes - another who visited Whitewater Draw in McNeal, AZ.

But, the sandhill cranes aren't the only kinds of birds that flock to the area.

There are “love birds”, too.

"We're best friends you know. Right? We are," said Jeff Hayes, Jane's husband.

The Hayes studied up on their facts before heading down for a date day to see the birds, and share a special kind of bond with these animals. They knew that sandhill cranes pick their partners for life.

"We just like the same things. We're both pretty quiet and laid back," said Jeff Hayes.

The Hayes hope to do the same. They've been married for 30 years with many more years to go.

“Since we retired, we both got into the art field. He’s always done my photography for my paintings,” said Jane. They made the most of their love of photography together. They took in the birds one picture at a time. Their compatibility was evident with each laugh.

They created picture perfect memories and a snapshot of love to last a lifetime.

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