Pie making tips

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Easy pie making tips

1. Start with a great crust. It must be flaky like Marie Callender's and have the right ratio of flour to shortening. You can also find the Marie Callender's crust in your grocer's freezer.

2. Use high quality ingredients.

3. The spices that you use make a huge difference.

4. Use ice cold water and cold, whole eggs.

5. Use a rubber spatula when making the filling. Do not use a wire whip. You do not want to add air into the filling. This could produce air bubbles, which may rise to the surface of the pie.

6. Bake the pie the day you are going to eat it to ensure freshness.

7. If you don't want to be stuck in the kitchen making your own pie, then simply visit a Marie Callender's restaurant and take home one of your favorite pies.

8. For more information, or to find a Marie Callender's location nearest you, visit www.mariecallenders.com