Ex-'American Idol' contestant wins Miss Tucson Valley title

© Courtesy of Brittany Mazur
© Courtesy of Brittany Mazur

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A former "American Idol" contestant was crowned Miss Tucson Valley on Saturday night in the annual scholarship pageant at Rincon/University High School.

Brittany Mazur was runner-up in the Miss Arizona Scholarship Pageant earlier this year. By winning Miss Tucson, the 23-year-old Mazur qualifies for Miss Arizona 2013 in June.

"Having come very close to the title this past year, I am ecstatic about having another opportunity to become Miss Arizona," Mazur said. "This is something I've been working toward since I first started competing in this system at the age of 16. So it truly means the world to me to be able to have one last shot."

Mazur was second to Miss Arizona Piper Stoeckel this year. Stoeckel, emcee for Saturday night's pageant, will compete for Miss America in January.

For her talent performance Saturday night, Mazur sang, "Everyone Says Don't" from the musical "Anyone Can Whistle." Talent counts for 35 percent of contestants' scores.

"I'm very lucky that I have had the opportunity to perfect my skill since the age of 8. So I am very confident in my ability to perform well during talent," said Mazur, who competed on "American Idol" during the 10th season on Fox.

"But not unlike my competitors, I do still sometimes get nervous! I think most people do get nervous when they want something bad enough like the title of Miss Arizona."

Mazur volunteers locally for Kids Unlimited. The Tucson nonprofit was created in 1986 for young singers, dancers, actors and other performers.

"I started out as a member of kids unlimited in 1998, and one of the best parts about the program is that they mentor their members through a teaching program," said Mazur, who won Miss Arizona's Outstanding Teen in 2006. "So after about 5 years as a member, I was asked to be a teacher . That slowly that transitioned into an office position, and now my affiliation is mostly volunteer. Every once in a while, I will cover a class for a teacher, who can't make it, or come in as a guest choreographer."

The 2008 Rincon graduate was chosen the winner Saturday over a field of six contestants.

University of Arizona sophomore Chelsee Moe, a top 10 Miss Arizona finisher in 2011, was second. The Marana High graduate sang "I Was Here," a hit for Beyoncé this summer, for her talent.

Other competitors were Jacqueline Butler, Ashley Rae La Bar, Marissa Murdock and Natalie Sanchez.

Chandri McCright won Miss Tucson Valley's Outstanding Teen. Hannah Johnson was runner-up. Other contestants were Taryn Howell and Kayla Shaffer.

Mazur said she would like to make it to the Miss America stage in 2014. But another shot at "American Idol" is not in her future.

"Although 'American Idol' was a wonderful experience, I do not see myself pursuing it any further," she said. "At this point, struggling to make it on my own would be more appealing, and, I think, ultimately more satisfying as well."

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