Miller ignites county controversy

On her Facebook page, District 1 County Supervisor Ally Miller, suggests there is a "pay to play" scheme in Pima County.

She says she's heard complaints from developers and real estate people that they are required to hire certain "consultants" for high fees to get their plans approved.

She wants an investigation.

Denying the allegations and telling Miller to "put up or shut up" is Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry.

He tells her "these are criminal allegations and I urge you, if you have evidence" take it to the County Attorney's office.

Miller told news 13 she does not have the evidence.

"Where there is smoke, a lot of times, there is fire," she says. "I have not gotten evidence that I would say definitively would say that it's a pay to play situation but I've been hearing it for years."

She also will not name specific companies which we asked her to do.

She says she was told in confidence so does not want to reveal the names of the companies "but I've heard it a lot," she says. "Ten, 20, 30 maybe even 40 times."

She told us the companies would not be able to do business with the county is their identity was known.

Huckelberry defends his staff which he says operates under strict County Code and state law requirements.

"Your claims, staff believes, are unfounded and based on bad information," Huckelberry says in the October 22 memo he sent to Miller. "To imply criminal activity on the part of county employees in your allegations is unfair, unfounded and irresponsible."

Huckelberry also points out during a segment on her radio show, it was suggested that what the county is doing could amount to "extortion."

Miller says she has not seen the memo because she has been out of town but adds "they are allegations at this point but I believe there should be an investigation."

Huckelberry did not respond to our request for an interview. We were told he was running a very tight schedule. But it appears he welcomes it if there is ample proof that it should go forward.

Huckelberry asks Miller a second time in the memo "again if you have evidence of such, please present it to the independent County Attorney for evaluation and prosecution."