Speed cameras may go dark

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As of midnight, the speed cameras in Pima County became moot.

While a driver may still get flashed, they won't get a ticket.

"If it was a minute before midnight, they'll still get a ticket," says Pima County Supervisor Chuck Huckelberry. "But if it's two minutes after midnight, they won't."

Pima County will vote Tuesday whether to keep its contract with American Traffic Solutions.

According to Huckelberry, ATS offered an alternative contract and that's what the county will consider.

Huckelberry says "everyone thought the cameras were going to be a cash cow for the county but they weren't."

The county made about a half million dollars but that's not enough money "to offset the grief and aggravation the elected officials get from the public," he says.

Huckelberry admits the cameras got motorists to slow down a bit but not very much.

They'd slow down when they got to the cameras and then speed up after they drove past them.

The only way to make sure motorists slowed down and stayed that way would be to have the cameras at mile or tow mile intervals along a stretch of road.

That would be very expensive. It would be hard to maintain the cameras and they would not generate enough money to pay for themselves.

Where the county goes from here, if the vote is to let them go dark, is unclear.

The roving speed vans is an option but is not universally supported by the board.

Educating the public and handing out tickets, according to one supervisor, is very effective.

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