Sierra Vista traffic camera enforcement comes to a stop

Sierra Vista traffic camera enforcement comes to a stop

SIERRA VISTA, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Drivers caught speeding by Sierra Vista traffic safety cameras will no longer have to pay a fine after voters banned the use of photo enforcement in city limits, the police department announced on Monday.

The contract between the city and Redflex, the company that installed the cameras, includes a provision stating there is no penalty if the city terminates the agreement because of a voter ban.

A grassroots effort helped Proposition 408 pass by a large majority in the Nov. 4 election, according to the SVPD.

"While the actual removal of the cameras is the vendor's responsibility, we can, and do, respect the voice of the voters, so the city immediately ceased issuing citations based on Redflex video," City Manager Chuck Potucek stated.

Potucek said Redflex was notified of the city's actions.

"Our officers will periodically monitor driver behavior at the five intersections previously covered by the Redflex contract, but certainly not to the extent that a 24-hour camera could do," Police Chief Tom Alinen said. "We sincerely hope that motorists continue to maintain safe driving habits now that the cameras are no longer assisting with enforcement."

The traffic cameras operated since the first one was installed at Fry Blvd. and Seventh Street in November 2011. The photo enforcement stopped on Nov. 5.

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