Firefighter's widow pleas for return of husband's badge

Firefighter's widow pleas for return of husband's badge

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Kay Roth couldn't believe someone broke into several cars in her Tucson neighborhood, but her heart sank when she realized what was missing from her truck.

Someone had stolen the badge of her late husband Doug Roth from her dashboard and left behind the picture of him that sat next to it. Roth said she didn't care about the electronics and other items missing from the truck, just Doug's badge.

"As soon as I saw the badge was gone from the dash, I just broke down into tears," she said. "It hurt so much."

Her husband retired from Corona de Tucson Fire Department after 20 years of service. He held the rank of Assistant Fire Chief by the time he left six years ago.

Roth said the two were vacationing in Minnesota when her husband died of a heart attack. Stunned, she placed his badge on her truck's dashboard to always have a piece of him nearby. Next week will be four years since he passed and his badge is gone.

"He was just an amazing man and we all miss him," Roth said. "I know we all do but I'd like my little piece back."

Corona de Tucson Fire Department presented Roth with a replica of her husband's badge as a placeholder until the real one is returned. She's filed a police report and already reached out to several pawn shops in hopes of someone turning it in. Roth said it's not worth much money, but it's irreplaceable to her.

"It means the world to me, it really does," she said. "I would be so eternally grateful and thankful that they would return it."

The organization Stolen 911 picked up Roth's story in hopes of spreading details about the badge and her situation to other parts of the country.

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