New Sunnyside HS program teaches students the basics of coding

New Sunnyside HS program teaches students the basics of coding

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Sunnyside High School is just one of three Tucson schools where for the first time, students will not only learn the basics of coding, but work alongside industry professionals.

Microsoft's Technology Education and Literacy in Schools, (TEALS) program is partnering with several computer science classes.

TEALS brings in people who work at Raytheon, IBM and Tucson Medical Center to help mentor students in those computer science class.

The idea behind this program is start getting students to think about coding early.

"It is way easier for some people to start coding now than in college because you'll already know things now before you even get into college," said Erk Uriarte, a junior at Sunnyside.

TEALS representatives say they hope this program helps fill hundreds of thousands of jobs.

"Since I use the computer a lot, the internet pretty much all day, why not make it a career," said Michella Aguayl, a senior at Sunnyside.

Right now students are learning how to code nursery rhymes, but tomorrow they could be the next Bill Gates.

"Since our generation is advancing in technology a lot more jobs are requiring computers and coding and all that stuff," Aguayl said.

"I have always been interested in how things works and codes, and when I go to college I want to get my degree and major in coding so I can make video games," Uriarte said.

Desert View High School and Presidio High School also offer this program.

According to TEALS, only 2.5 percent of graduates earn 4-year degrees in computer science.

The demand for students to know this skill isn't just coming from employers.

According to TEALS, 9 in 10 parents want their child to study computer science.

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