I-10 ranks as one of most deadly roads in U.S.

I-10 ranks as one of most deadly roads in U.S.

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Interstate 10 has just been ranked as one of the deadliest roads in America, and now ADOT is working on a solution to reduce the number of traffic deaths.

According to consumer website Value Penguin, I-10 from Florida to California is the 4th most dangerous road in the U.S.

Nearly 400 miles of that is in Arizona.

The study looked at factors such as how often deadly crashes happened and what makes these roads dangerous.

On I-10, there were nearly 55 crashes for every 100 miles.

Drivers might have seen some new signs over the weekend.

The Arizona Department of Transportation just launched a new campaign called "Drive for Them," in the hopes of curbing selfish driving habits.

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The campaign encourages drivers to think about their family, friends and neighbors with overhead signs.

ADOT says the number of deaths on the road are rising, and often selfish drivers are to blame.

They predict there could be more than 900 deaths by the end of the year if bad driving habits don't change in Arizona.

Tucson News Now wanted to find out if these crashes are being caused by bad driving, or road conditions.

Marsha Woods said both conditions and drivers are to blame.

"I think the drivers drive too fast. I do think we need more medians," Woods said.

Russ Mendenhall wants updated infrastructure.

"Widened out as far as possible and the on and off ramps redone like they've done some on I-10 here, but I think most of the funding goes up to Phoenix and all their new loops up there, so we get a little bit but not enough," he said.

In response to the study, ADOT issued the following statement:

"The key issue behind fatal crashes on any roadway is driver behavior, starting with speeding, aggressive driving, driving under the influence, lack of seat belt use and inattention."

ADOT also says the study didn't take the number of drivers into account when ranking I-10.

However, they do say that a lot of deaths on the road are preventable, and that it's up to those on the road to drive responsibly.

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