Desert View High School's Cesar Gutierrez opens new world to students

Desert View High School's Cesar Gutierrez opens new world to students

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Creating, designing, and building. Inside Cesar Gutierrez's classroom are our future engineers.

"When I first saw these machines, I was terrified because they're these big machines and I'm like, 'Oh my God. This is scary,'" junior Iridian Mong said.

Gutierrez is opening up a new world for students in the manufacturing program at Desert View High School.

"We can create your shoes. We can create a computer," Mong said.

"They make that connection between real world and the actual theory behind math," Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez puts the teens right to work for a taste of the real world.

"Everything is run like my dad use to run his house, can't be late for nothing," Gutierrez said.

Mong said, "He helped me realize my potential and he helped me see something that I never even knew I saw in myself."

Junior Cesar Martinez said, "Mr. Gutierrez is a great teacher. He shows us a lot. He helps us a lot in school. He wants us to be able to go to college."

Gutierrez said, "We start talking to them about that there is a future out there. Our industries will hire our students directly out of our classroom."

Gutierrez's main goal is helping students build up their dreams.

He relates to his students and understands where many of them come from.

"I can actually relate to them because of my past being poor and where they're at," Gutierrez said

Mong said, "When people look at a south-side school, all they see is like, 'Oh, you know, they're not going to get much further. They're not going to do anything in their lives.'"

But Gutierrez reminds them it's not where you come from that matters.

Mong said, "It's giving me an opportunity to be something other than a housewife or being something girly that everybody sees about a woman."

Gutierrez said, "It's just awesome when you see the light bulb go off. It's probably the only thing that gets me emotional ... Yeah, don't have many other words for that. They've changed my life more than I can change theirs."

Students can graduate with certificates in manufacturing programs and earn college credits.

Many get paid internships, jobs or scholarships to continue at Pima Community College.

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