Shipping containers the new housing project coming to Tucson

Shipping containers the new housing project coming to Tucson

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A Tucson couple is hoping to build a new housing complex near downtown Tucson, but this isn't your typical condo building or apartment complex. It's a twist on tiny homes.

People would live in a tower of shipping containers. It is called a Stackhouse.

The goal is to get more affordable housing near the downtown area.

Janelle Briggs, co-founder of Stackhouse, said each container is about 320 square feet, and will cost about $45,000.

Briggs said what makes this concept different than other tiny homes is the ability to move the containers from city to city. She said they hope to build more towers across the country so people can pick up and move easily.

"What we see is a longtime benefit of owning a Stackhouse unit and being a part of our community is your home goes with you," she said. "You make that investment and wherever your job takes you, you can take your home with you."

Briggs believes millennials who haven't reached their highest earning potential, and retirees who are looking to downsize, would want to live in a Stackhouse.

She is hoping to build a tower that would house about 30 containers near downtown Tucson next year.

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