Sabino High School loses appeal

Sabino High School loses appeal
Sabino High School baseball team loses appeal, will not have state championship reinstated. (Source: KOLD News 13 Staff)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The decision to revoke the state championship from Sabino High School’s Baseball team stands, according to the latest from the Arizona Interscholastic Association hearing in Phoenix on Wednesday afternoon.

Two additional decisions were also made at the hearing in Phoenix.

"One of the things that is core with our membership and our bylaws is, if you play an ineligible player those games must be forfeited," said AIA Executive Director David Hines, explaining why the board held up their ruling of forfeiting the last season and revoking the 2018 state championship for Sabino High School.

After Tucson Unified School District Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo and Sabino H.S. Principal Russell Doty appealed the decision.

"We applaud their work," said Hines. "I am frustrated that you know people that are in a leadership position, coaches, did not follow the rules that we have and that everyone agrees to and abides by it's not easy and very difficult for the kids."

Sabino High School loses appeal

The AIA made this decision after TUSD self-reported violations by the baseball team that includes paying a coach with funds from a Booster club, as well as violating a prior contact rule with two transfer students who should have been ineligible.

TUSD is also taking some action of their own.

"I have called for the immediate comprehensive audit financial audit of every single AIA athletic program we have in TUSD, specifically every single coaching position and a verification of every single funding source for the coaching position," said Trujillo.

That audit will also look at the funds for the past two years and the booster funds.

As for the future of Sabino High School’s baseball team, they are off probation for this season and are eligible for the playoffs.

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