Businesses survive during Ina Road construction

Businesses survive during Ina Road construction
(Source: Walton, Elizabeth)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - All through the Ina Road project, businesses near the construction area have been forced to make due with less traffic.

Tucson News Now found out the project has been both a blessing and an issue for two businesses near the construction.

"Those of us that have managed to hold on know, our business is down, but there's a few people that have moved back in knowing that the end is coming," said Staci Doolin.

She owns a pet grooming shop at Ina and Oldfather and is surviving the construction, though it has been a challenge for her to get new business.

Impact of Ina Project on businesses

"People call to make an appointment and they ask where we are located and I tell them, 'Oh that's right in the construction, we will call back later and I don't hear back from them," said Doolin.

Doolin knows the construction had to happen, but hopes that it will help her business when the project is complete.

"It's just the way it is," said Doolin. "I just hope that it will turn around."

Clint Peek, another business owner in the area, is playing to a different tune. He turned his one time banquet hall into a stage and recording studio.

"We have had hip hop, rock, both old and young," said Peek.

Once the construction started on Ina, the banquet hall started losing money. That was when Peek made the decision to change his business.

"Life was good and busy. We knew it was coming though so we had a plan and when it did roll around we would be ready to do something else," he said.

Now his sights are set on a finished Ina Road and making a hit.

“There’s a lot of anticipation I would like to get a sound out there and tell people I have a show in here and come on in here and let me help you become a star that would be cool.”

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