Pima County in need of volunteers to maintain trails

Pima County in need of volunteers to maintain trails
Trail stewards help other hikers by keeping trails clear, easy to follow. (Source: Vicki Karr)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Pima County is looking for volunteers to help maintain the miles and miles of hiking trails thousands of people enjoy in southern Arizona.

County representatives say trail stewards are much-needed, especially during this time of year as monsoon rains have caused some trails to become overgrown.

Volunteers will be designated about five to six miles and their main job will be to keep an eye on the area, cleaning it up when necessary.

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"We provide them tools and then their main job is to basically keep the trail corridor open so that would consist of kind of liming and pruning vegetation,” said trail coordinator for the county, Neil Stitzer.

Volunteers can reach out to the county if there are bigger issues that need to be taken care of.

Stitzer says trail stewards play a crucial role in keeping hikers on the right track.

"Where you have a branch in the trail or there’s a wash where people don’t quite know where the trail is. When you do a little work on the trail it really opens up that visual corridor and people are able to see where to go,” he said.

An unkempt trail can also lead to hikers making their own path, subsequently destroying wildlife in the area.

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