Cochise County residents assured voter registration postcard is not a scam

Cochise County residents assured voter registration postcard is not a scam

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Cochise County residents who have received a postcard from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) requesting they check their voter status are being advised the correspondence is legitimate.

The postcards have been sent by the non-profit organization on behalf of the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office to encourage more people to register to vote.

However, the data used for the mass mailing was generated solely from the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) lists, resulting in some outdated information being used. According to Deputy State Election Director Janine Petty, the MVD does not have a process to proactively move deceased or expired licenses from their records.

County Recorder Offices across the state have been fielding complaints about the mailing from concerned residents.

“We are sorry for the problem, but this is a state-level issue,” said Cochise County Recorder David Stevens, in a recent release. “They are trying to get unregistered voters to register for the General Election, but they have used some bad data. They included local Recorder Office information on the mailings, but these postcards were not sent out by Cochise County. We want to assure local residents that this is not a scam or identity fraud. This is an official mailing to encourage an increase in voter participation.”

Anyone with concerns about providing personal information by mail can check their voter status or register to vote online at or by calling the Cochise County Recorder’s Office at (520) 432-8350.

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