TUSD superintendent talks AIA appeal

TUSD superintendent talks AIA appeal
Sabino High School baseball team loses appeal, will not have state championship reinstated. (Source: KOLD News 13 Staff)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - For the first time we are hearing from Tucson Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo and some parents of the Sabino High School baseball team.

Dr. Trujillo talked about the decision by the AIA after he went up to Phoenix to talk to the board. He says, he was disappointed that the board didn’t overturn all of their decisions about the Sabino Baseball team.

KOLD Playing by the rules

The AIA upheld the decision to revoke the team’s 2018 state title and all the games from last season. One thing did change for the baseball team, they have a warning for this season and are not on probation, which means the team is eligible for the playoffs this season.

TUSD is now going to do an audit of the sports teams, coaches and look at how booster funds are being used. The deadline for that audit will be December 15.

We are also hearing from some of the parents from the team. They sent us this statement today:

“As parents, we’re really angry with the AIA.  The players earned the State Title and if you read TUSD’s investigation it is clear that the Prior Contact Rule is grey.  Any AIA rule that requires interpretation is not defensible enough to use as a reason to remove a State Title from a team!  The AIA has unfairly punished these boys with an unprecedented stripping of a State Title.  We are aware that a Scottsdale area athlete (Marqui Johnson) has recently received a court order by a Maricopa Superior Court judge that he is eligible to play even though AIA denied his hardship appeal due to prior contact.  We are watching this case intently as it is clear that the Maricopa County Superior Court Judge believes that even “acknowledged prior contact” is not sufficient to rule an athlete ineligible.“
Statement from parents of players on the Sabino High School baseball team

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