WIFE: Book Richardson felt abandoned by UA staff after arrest

WIFE: Book Richardson felt abandoned by UA staff after arrest
(Source: Screenshot from Stadium video)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It’s been exactly a year since the arrest of former Arizona basketball assistant coach Book Richardson and the start of the program’s troubling 2017-2018 season.

In an interview with Stadium, Richardson’s family opened up about their lives over the past year.

Spending a majority of his time alone in a dark room, Book expressed that he felt abandoned by the Arizona coaching staff, according to his wife Erin.

His kids described their father’s nearly constant apologies and tearful conversations with them in the weeks following his arrest.

The worst part for Book though, according to Erin, was not being able to talk or justify himself to the Arizona players.

“He feels abandoned. ... He feels like he was deemed guilty and just thrown out with the trash before he was indicted,” Erin told Stadium. “He feels like they just wanted to wash their hands of him, 'just get rid of that and go about business.’”

Book Richardson has not personally commented on his arrest for felony bribery and fraud charges.

Since Richardson's departure in January, Arizona has hired Justin Gainey from Santa Clara to fill the open spot.

You can watch the full Stadium interview below.

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