KOLD Investigation into the safety of I-10 has local lawmaker demanding action

KOLD Investigates Crossover crashes lawmaker calls on ADOT to review adding barrier

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A KOLD Investigation into the safety of I-10 has one local lawmaker demanding action.

Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy sent a letter to the Arizona State transportation board.

In it, he writes that ADOT should “revisit its position on refusing to install median cable barriers.” He also asked ADOT to get “more public input, more factual data, and more inclusion and regard for the victim’s families.”

Christy wrote that he spoke with many people who viewed my investigative report, and “it made them scratch their heads - wondering why ADOT continues to take such a hard-lined stance against median cable barriers.”

In my report I spoke to Mike Humphrey, who lost his wife and sister in a crossover crash on I-10, 10 years ago. He won a $40 million judgement in court - when a jury said ADOT was negligent because it knew there was a risk of crossover crashes in that particular area of I-10 and did nothing about it.

ADOT’s vice president told me it’s actually safer NOT to have cable barriers in areas where the median is 65 feet or greater.

Mike Humprey spoke at a state Transportation Board meeting in Florence last week, urging them to change the policy.

He says he made a promise to his late wife and sister that he’ll keep working until the barriers are in the ground.

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