KOLD HEROES: 10-year-old helping others to get what they need

KOLD HEROES: 10-year-old helping others to get what they need

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - 10-year-old Alexia Serna isn’t focused on the typical things a girl her age is. Instead, she wants to make sure the people around her, even complete strangers, have what they need.

“I’ve just always done it”, she said.

Just recently, she’d gone to a homeless shelter before sunrise to help feed those that don’t have a meal, donated money she saved to a child with cancer, and used more money she saved to buy her grandmother, who has terminal cancer, a wig.

“We’re just gonna have to save our money and we can give it to her and make her happy”, she said.

Alexia’s parents, Robin and Derek Serna, say they couldn’t be more proud of their daughter.

“We’re in awe that she’s 10 and has done these things pretty much her whole life”, said Robin.

Now, as Alexis works on more projects to help others. She says while the work seems natural to her, she’s hoping it sends a message to kids of all ages.

“You should just treat others the way you want to be treated and help others if they’re going through a hard time”.

Alexis has setup a Facebook page for folks to learn more about what she’s doing. Read more HERE.

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