FAMILY FINDER: Jeremiah looking for loving home

FAMILY FINDER: Jeremiah looking for loving home

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Jeremiah is a sweet boy in need of family that will be his voice and love him every step of the way.

Simrit Khalsa with Arizona’s Children Association said, “he'll start dancing, kind of kicking his legs, using his arms. He'll move to the beat of music."

Jeremiah loves music and swimming.

"Jeremiah is 8 years old, almost 9. He loves being in water, in a pool or in a bathtub,” Simrit said.

He needs a family that can care for him 24/7.

Jeremiah does not speak and does require a wheelchair to get around.

"Jeremiah is technically blind but he is able to track shadows and he also uses his hearing to track sounds,” Simrit said.

He can understand words in English and Spanish.

“He would be most successful in a home either by himself or with older children."

Jeremiah needs that one-on-one attention and plenty of love.

“An adoptive family for Jeremiah would have to be willing to provide a lot of love and support and a lot of attention,” Simrit said.

To learn more about adopting Jeremiah check out Arizona’s Children Association at

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