Tucson-area Red Cross volunteers headed to help with Hurricane Michael

Tucson-area Red Cross volunteers headed to help with Hurricane Michael

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It’s been a busy summer for Ardis Wait.

'She’s been volunteering across the county for the Red Cross, helping with hurricane and flood relief efforts.

Now, she’s headed to Florida to help with relief efforts for Hurricane Michael.

She’s been volunteering for more than a year and so far she’s been in two different areas on the east coast.

She was in Greenville, NC, and said they had some wind and rain but nothing too bad.

After her previous job as a trauma nurse in the military for 35 years, few things seem “too bad.”

“I’m an old Army nurse so pack your bags and go, you know,” she said.

Ardis’s job as a Red Cross volunteer is to install communication mediums like telephones and internet at Red Cross headquarters amidst the disasters the Red Cross is working in.

Even though it’s entirely different from the career she spent decades doing, Ardis said she likes it. In fact, she intentionally chose to do something different than her career as a trauma nurse.

“It’s kind of fun when people are without any kind of communications to be able to go in and give them a communication system,” Ardis explained.

She said she plans to continue volunteering with the Red Cross when hurricane season ends and that she hops to see more people volunteer in the future.

“It’s fun, it’s rewarding," she said. "You meet a lot of new and interesting people and it’s something I think everybody would enjoy.”

To help with the relief efforts or become a volunteer, go HERE.

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