FAMILY FINDER: Danny is outgoing and loves to talk

Danny in need of forever family

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Danny is outgoing and loves to talk.

“You can just talk to him forever about the things he likes. He's really fun to talk to,” Kurtis from Foster Arizona said.

He has a goofy side and loves to have fun.

“He really likes drawing shapes and making them into these rugs and blankets he'll decorate the house with,” Kurtis said.

Danny is very curious and loves to ask questions.

“He loves to know more about things. We usually spend a lot of time going on investigations with him as an FBI agent,” said Kurtis, who believes that Danny would go great in a home that is structured.

“He will also benefit from a family that is willing to know more about different parenting styles so they can meet him on his level,” Kurtis said.

He simply just wants a family to love him.

“Daniel’s idea of an ideal family is pretty simple. He wants a family that will feed him, take care of him. He wants a family that will treat him with respect,” Kurtis said.

Danny is ready to bring a lot of love and excitement into any home welcomes him in.

To learn more about adopting Danny contact Foster Arizona at

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