Cochise Co. Sheriff’s Office warns residents about rabies cases

Cochise Co. Sheriff’s Office warns residents about rabies cases

COCHISE COUNTY, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office has been advised of two positive rabies cases from areas around the county and one pending that may be positive as well and they are warning the public to be on alert.

According to CCSO the first case of rabies was a bat just outside of Pomerene that was found dead on a porch. The second positive rabies case was a grey fox in the Pearce area; the fox was aggressive toward an elderly couple on their front porch. It had been trying to get into the house to possibly attack the dogs inside. When law enforcement arrived the fox was aggressive toward them and was ultimately euthanized.

The people involved in both cases were notified of the positive results. Luckily there was no interaction between domestic animals or humans.

According to CCSO they are waiting on the results of a spotted skunk in the St. David area that was euthanized last week. The skunk was not only aggressive towards ACO, but it was out during daylight hours. It had also attacked a dog prior to the deputies arrival. The animal was sent to the Arizona Department of Health Services for testing.

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