RC plane competition draws pilots from around the world

Aerobatic shootout brings some high flying visitors to Tucson

AVRA VALLEY, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Model airplane pilots from across the globe have descended upon southern Arizona for the Tucson Aerobatic Shootout.

The event pits pilots against one another in a series of precision and freestyle flying events under the watchful eye of a panel of judges and spotters.

“The moment you take off your model airplane, everything else goes out the window, your thoughts, your worries,” said Aaron Gaile, a third generation RC pilot from Australia. It is something different, it is unique too, compared to being out playing baseball or football or something else."

Contest director Kevin Garland says many of the pilots have been practicing since June for this contest, and this is most than just a hobby. Some of the replica RC planes cost more than $10,000. Thursday’s competitions revolve around precision flying, while on Friday and Saturday pilots will begin to test their freestyle skills, including an event with coordinated flying set to music.

“We’re trying to get kids off video games and go outside,” said Garland. “Well, this is like a real life video game.”

“Whether we’re builders or we’re lawyers or whatever we are, we all come together to share such an amazing sport,” said Gaile.

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