FAMILY FINDER: Aaron is searching for a forever home

FAMILY FINDER: Aaron is searching for a forever home

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Aaron loves to have a good time where ever he goes.

“Aaron is always up for a good time. He’s always excited to see me. He’s always in a playful mood,” said Jodi from Foster Arizona.

You can find Aaron playing with Legos or hitting the basketball court.

“Aaron has a great love of music. And often when we’re spending time together we’ll pull out my iTunes and play some music in the background,” Jodi said.

Aaron adapts to situations very quickly.

“Aaron is super approachable. He is always eager to see new people in general and very quick to adapt to different environments,” said Jodi.

He is helpful and loves to ask questions. Aaron needs a strong male figure in his life.

“Aaron would thrive in a single dad family. Even a two dad family. And if Aaron had a mom and dad family, a hands on dad would be best for him,” Jodi explained.

Aaron faces some challenges when it comes to communicating.

“A family that has some experience or education trauma informed care would be great for Aaron,” Jodi said.

He would do great with a loving family that can help him regulate his feelings.

“The right family would be really lucky to have Aaron as a member of their family,” Jodi said.

To learn more about adopting Aaron contact Foster Arizona at

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