FAMILY FINDER: Jasmine loves glitter and trying new things

FAMILY FINDER: Jasmine in need of forever family

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Jasmine loves all things glitter and trying new things.

“One of our favorite things to do when we visit is to name something we are afraid of and try to overcome that fear. It can be going down a high slide or jumping over something we thought we couldn’t jump over. But when she names the goal and accomplishes it she lights up,” Jodi with Foster Arizona said.

“Jasmine loves creating things for people that she cares about. Beading, creating jewelry, anything with art,” Jodi said. She also loves to stay active. Jasmine loves to throw a basketball and even hit games at the arcade.

“I like every color, pink and blue and turquoise, everything. I like to read books. I like chocolate ice cream in a bowl,” Jasmine said.

“Jasmine needs a family that is willing to spend time to really get to know her,” said Jodi.

This little girl loves to see the positive in every situation and really wants a family to just spend quality time with.

“I want my mom and dad take me to places to McDonalds, to Chucke E Cheese, to Peter Piper Pizza, to everything. I like to go everywhere,” Jasmine said.

“Ideally Jasmine would do well with a two parent family so that she can get the time and attention she deserves,” Jodi added.

Jasmine also would great with any pets. She loves dogs and would love a puppy of her own.

“Jasmine has come a long way in her short life. She has definite goals that she wants to achieve and she needs a family that will help her focus on those goals and learn how to achieve them,” Jodi said.

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