Family Finder: Yousef is looking for his forever family

Family Finder: Yousef in need of forever family

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - “Yousef has a passion for life live I’ve never seen,” said Jen with Foster Arizona.

He’s a boy that is always on the go and wants to experience new places.

“Anytime me and Yousef are together its always on the go. We’re out at the parks. We’re playing in the toy aisles in the stores. We’re running around kicking balls, riding bikes and scooters,” Jen said.

“I like cars and I like airplanes and I like rocket ships,” Yousef said.

“My favorite snack is hot Cheetos. Lots of spicy hot Cheetos.”

When he’s not stuffing his face with Cheetos, Yousef is a little comedian.

“It’s hard to be around Yousef without laughing. He’s always telling jokes and saying funny things,” Jen said.

He’s also a smart and creative kid that would thrive with the right forever family.

“The perfect family for Yousef would be a very energetic, active family that has some experience with children who have had trauma in their past,” said Jen.

Yousef needs a family to provide him with structure and help him learn boundaries.

“As long as he gets lots of attention and is the youngest or only child in the home with much older siblings or just him because he really needs that energy and one on one attention,” Jen said.

Having the chance to feel like a regular kid is what Yousef needs.

“Yousef having the right forever family would give him the opportunity to learn how it is to be in a family; to just be a regular kid, to get the skills he needs to move forward and have a happy and successful life,” said Jen.

“To feed me. I want family to feed me. I want a family that lets me play on your trampoline. The end!” said Yousef.

To learn more about adopting Yousef, contact Jen from Foster Arizona at 480-322-0113 or

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