NOON NOTEBOOK: Keeping your family secure during Halloween

Noon Notebook: Home security on Halloween

TUCSON, AZ - Everyone wants a safe and happy home.

Mike Newton, general manager at Crime Guard, can help you protect your loved ones and property.

Crime Guard installs security screens in homes and businesses all over Tucson and is now a KOLD Business Partner, sponsoring our Crime Team.

Q: With it being Halloween, what are the benefits of getting a security screens around this time?

A: When it comes to home security you want to make sure you have something to protect you and your loved ones all the time, but during the holidays it’s especially important for various reasons. Halloween can be a fun holiday for the whole family, but it can also be a dangerous time for home invasions. With everyone in costume running around the neighborhood, break-ins could happen, and culprits could be impossible to identify. With Crime Guard, though, there’s little chance of any intruders. Our security screens are almost impossible to break through and can withstand cutting or blunt force, so there won’t be any threat to your fun this Halloween.

Q: It sounds like Crime Guard screens are a great option for home security, then.

A: They really are, especially when you consider their competition. Most families that have home security either have an alarm, camera setup or iron bars. While an intruder alarm or security camera is a good thing to have, those systems can only alert a homeowner after a burglar has already entered the home and no matter the response time of emergency services, there will most likely be damage done before they can stop the culprit. Iron bars, on the other hand, often require routine maintenance and make a house look unappealing, not exactly what you want when you’re inviting trick-or-treaters to your door. Crime Guard screens are the ideal home security system, keeping burglars out and seamlessly blending into your home’s décor.

Q: Where can people go to find more information about Crime Guard?

A: Call 520-777-3195 or visit