Working to stop overdoses

Working to stop overdoses

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - In the last couple of weeks. Tucson police have seen six overdoses on the street.

The latest overdose happened Thursday morning in the Midvale Park area. In this case, the man was taken to the hospital.

Some of those overdoses could be connected to a light blue pill labeled M-30, according to police. In the first four incident, one person died and three others were hospitalized.

Lt. Chris Wildblood from the Tucson Police Department said it is anybody’s guess what’s in the pills, it’s not exact science and people are playing Russian Roulette when they take them. Agencies like TPD are telling people not to use those pills and only take pills that are FDA approved.

Sonoran Prevention Works is a group working to put an end to overdoes around our state. They hand out free kits that contain naloxone to community groups and people that use drugs.

From September 2016 to September of 2018, they handed out 60,000 kits. About 5,000 of the kits were used to revive someone that had an overdose.

This group is Arizona’s first statewide harm reduction organization.

Christopher Thomas works for the group and is the Southern Arizona Prevention coordinator. He says, they are seeing fentanyl not just in pills, but in crystal meth, cocaine and even in marijuana.

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