Students take safety seriously after another reported attack near U of A

Students take safety seriously after another attack near UA

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - After another reported assault, University of Arizona students said they are working together to take safety in their own hands.

University of Arizona Police said an 18-year-old reported being assaulted on Wednesday night near the Highland Tunnel. The student said he was hit and held down by one man, while another searched him for valuables.

This is the third reported assault in a week. UAPD and the Tucson Police Department are investigating two reported attacks on women, just off campus. Officials said it doesn’t appear the crimes are related.

“We just live in the big city, it’s a big campus and we just have to expect the worst sometimes," said Olin Marman.

The junior said he had been the victim of an attempted mugging before, but called the crime a “reality” for some areas. Marman was more concerned with the lack of information from law enforcement and the university.

“Student reaction has been much faster than the university reaction. We are hearing about things happening within the hour and then we get an hour two days later. It’s really a student communication effort," said Marman.

An effort, two freshmen walking through the Highland Tunnel, are a part of.

“I get notifications, emails, like always use safe rides, travel in groups. My RA texted me, come talk to me if you feel stressed or nervous," said Samantha Lawless.

Both Marman and Lawless said fraternities are offering rides to students, in addition to services like Safe Ride.

One administrator, said she always feels safe on campus.

“I always feel safe on this campus and I leave, I come early in the morning and late at night, when it’s quiet,” said Margaret Shafer, Director, Field Experience - Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies for the College of Education.

Both TPD and UAPD have increased high visibility patrols during evening hours.

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to call 911 or 88-CRIME if you wish to remain anonymous.

“There’s a positive light, in a negative situation. Seeing people come together to be safe," said Marman.

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