“Second Assault”: UA alum sits down with campus cop in documentary about her own sexual assault

Second Assault - former UA student tells story on big screen

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - “If anyone is going to tell the story, it should be me.”

University of Arizona alumni Jillian Corsie did just that in what she called “a journey to confront the justice system that failed her.”

Corsie returned to the campus Tuesday to screen her documentary, “Second Assault.” It was a trip she never thought she’d make again after graduating in 2010.

As a freshman, Corsie was sexually assaulted on campus. She reported it to University of Arizona Police Officers, one of who wrote a report and handed her a card with the case number. In 2016, after the release of Trump Tapes, she tweeted her story for the first time.

After that tweet, Corsie said she had national networks and directors reaching out, to tell her story. That is when she teamed up with Amy Rosner to confront the incident and in particular, her anger toward the police officer who deemed the assault consensual.

“Being transparent to me means, being your true self and how much better it feels to live in your truth than to be hiding something," said Corsie.

On Tuesday, at the University of Arizona, the cop who took the report stood next to Corsie after receiving an email he never expected.

“I was really just so upset that someone has held onto my card for 10 years, she was so angry at me," said Lt. David Caballero. "I felt like I needed to make it right right then and there.”

Lt. Caballero has worked with UAPD for 16 years. He said he was in his second year with the department when he took the report from Corsie.

“I told her that whatever transpired back then, I was so, I felt so horrible, the feeling that we left her with back then," said Lt. Caballero. "I’m not here to defend what we did or didn’t do back in 2005, as much as I’m here to help Jillian get the message out.

Corsie said preparing to meet Lt. Caballero was stressful, but she walked away from the conversation feeling like she had “an uncle." She said they keep in touch through email regularly.

“The film is called “Second Assault.” The second assault being that people around me didn’t believe me, in all facets of my life and if there’s one thing that all of us can do, is believe survivors, because that makes the most difference," said Corsie.

“We’re not that department that you think we are. We aren’t the police that you think they are," said Lt. Caballero. "I want them to feel comfortable that they can report if they so desire.”

Off campus, “Second Assault” was featured in The Loft’s Shorts Showcase over the weekend. Corsie said they hope to have the documentary available online, for free, in the near future. You can follow along with the documentary on Facebook.

If you, or someone you know, has been a victim of sexual assault, you can contact your local police department to make a report, even if you don’t want to prosecute.

You can also call the Southern Arizona Center for Sexual Assault hotline at (520) 327-1171. There is someone to talk to you 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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